AVD Holland B.V. is specialized in engineering

We design customised products, especially for your application.
Based on our experience with mechanical engineering, controls, application-oriented approach and unconventional vision on technology, we ensure an appropriate, technical and innovative solution within your application.

Renold Hi-tec couplings, Airflex Eaton, Jaure tooth couplings, Coremo Ocmea brakes, Galvi brakes, Voith safeset, Ados, Antec, Desch
Under stated you will find som examples. (click on the image for more information)

      AVD cutter coupling for a new vessel                                     AVD Intermediate shaf with lamidisc pack
Shock absorbing and with conical shrinkfit hub                                        for underwater application

AVD control box with heat surveying calculation                                    AVD Flexible clutch coupling
           Also availble as slipdetection                                                   Operated with AVD control box