From the 1970’s, AVD Holland B.V. is specialized in custom engineered drive solutions. Our products are mainly found in the dredging, offshore and maritime industry, and we managed to find our way up to the port areas and industrial engineering.
Based on our experience with mechanical engineering, controls, application-oriented approach and unconventional vision on technology, we ensure an appropriate, technical and innovative solution within your application. Our worldwide on-site service, complements our aim for sustainable and innovative drive solutions.
AVD Holland B.V. provides, besides application focused projects, also sales and technical support for:
  • Industrial brakes and clutch couplings;
  • resilliant /flexible and gear couplings;
  • Crane components;
  • Industrial weigh components.


Renold Hi-tec couplings, Airflex Eaton, Jaure tooth couplings, Coremo Ocmea brakes, Galvi brakes, Voith safeset, Ados, Antec, Desch